Daniel Burns

When Brutal Magazine first approached Chef Daniel Burns, we asked if he could provide beer pairings for a hot dog story we wanted to run. ā€œIā€™m not really interested in beer pairings with dishes.But: I AM interested in ice cream.ā€


Dillon Edwards

In the midst of opening his new roastery in the Brooklyn Navy Yards, Dillon Edwards of Parlor Coffee chatted with us about what makes the perfect cup of coffee.


Sara Bigelow

Brutal Magazine sat down with Sara Bigelow, General Manager of The Meat Hook in Brooklyn, to talk all things meat – only to realize that recording apps on phones are susceptible to technical glitches.


Oliver Strand

In issue 1, Gheanna Emelia sits down with food writer and New York Times contributor Oliver Strand, the go-to guy for finding good coffee anywhere in the world.

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