The Parlor Coffee philosophy


Interview by Gheanna Emelia
Photography by Kyrre Skjelby Kristoffersen

In the midst of opening his new roastery in the Brooklyn Navy Yards, Dillon Edwards of Parlor Coffee chatted with us about what makes the perfect cup of coffee.

What is your idea of the perfect cup of coffee?
The perfect cup is when you can taste the origin. We at Parlor seek the cleanest and sweetest coffees we can find from across the tropical belt of the Americas and East Africa, and every batch of coffee we produce in Brooklyn is roasted with care and with the intention of maximizing sweetness and complexity in the cup.  For us, the roast has to be light enough to let the coffee’s character shine through, but it has to be fully developed. It’s got to be just loaded with sweetness and fullness on the palate, but have a totally clean character like a glass to see all the flavors through. And acidity — that’s important. Tons of sparkling acidity!


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