The Perfect Parlor Chemex

Chemex Brewed Coffee serves 4
You will need:
45 g of coffee
Fresh, clean water
A Chemex (6-cup size or larger)
Chemex Filter Kettle (preferably with a gooseneck spout)
Timer Scale that reads in Grams
Burr Grinder

Fill your kettle with 1 liter of water. Bring to a boil. Open Chemex filter into a cone. Put side with three paper layers over Chemex spout. Dose 45 grams of whole bean coffee. Once water has reached a boil, wet the filter. Pour out the rinse water from the Chemex. Try to keep the filter in place. Grind the coffee. The grind particles should be in between the size of Kosher salt and sea salt. Pour coffee into the filter cone. Make sure it’s evenly placed. Start a timer and pour your hot water over the coffee bed. Stop pouring at around 100 grams. Allow the coffee to bloom. After 1 minute, slowly pour in small circular motions until you’ve reached 750 grams of water in total. Finished adding all of the water at around 2’45”. The entire brew should be completely finished dripping at around 4’30”. Pour into mugs. Sip slowly, indulgently. Enjoy.

Photography by Andrew Harrington

coffee pic spread

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