The Coffee Collective’s Perfect Aeropress

Serves 1
1 Aeropress paper filter
½ ounce fresh coffee from a good roastery
8 ounce fresh, clean water just off the boil (200°F)
a scale and timer. The Hario Drip Scale is perfect.
a grinder

Good quality coffee is essential to begin with. Look for a coffee that is traceable to a single farm or co-op, lightly roasted, arabica and preferably an identified variety and from a roaster you trust and like. When the water has reached a boil, dose out ½ ounce of coffee and grind on filter setting. Every grinder is different — find the correct setting with your grinder. If the coffee is dry and bitter, grind coarser. If it’s weak and sour, grind finer. Place a paper filter in the filter holder and screw it on the bottom part of the Aeropress. Pour a bit of water through it to rinse out paper dust. Place the bottom half of the Aeropress over a mug. Put the coffee in the bottom part of the Aeropress and place on scale. Tare. Start your timer and pour about 1 ounce of water on the coffee. Stir the coffee and water gently together. You’ll see the coffee start to “bloom.” After 15 seconds, slowly pour water until you reach 8 ounces total. Remove cup and the steeping Aeropress from scale. After one minute, place the top of the Aeropress onto the bottom and press slowly over 30 seconds. Stir the coffee and let it cool a bit before drinking. Enjoy!

Photography by Christopher Mac Aoidh
Styling by AnneStine Bae
Recipe by Coffee Collective

 Coffee Collective's aeropress

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